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 Fixture List for 2017/18 - HERE


Transcript of email received from Ken Perry on 25th September:

"At this morning’s ECIBA GP&F Committee Meeting, the Handbooks for the 2017/18 season were distributed and it was found that the Additional Rules for Over 60’s Inter-Club Leagues (Rule 14, Page 30) were incorrect. The rules appertaining to the 2016/17 Season have been incorrectly printed instead of the approved revised rules for 2017/18.

To avoid any confusion, I have attached a copy of Rule 14 as it should have appeared in the 2017/18 Handbook. This is the rule to be followed and that contained in the Handbook must be disregarded. The attachment is in Word and PDF format so everyone should be able to print a copy.

Please ensure that the correct rule is made known to all connected with the Over 60’s Inter-Club League at your club.

Also, please note that your league squads must be submitted to me by October 15th. To date, I have only received returns from 6 clubs and non-return of your squads will result in concession of each match until your squads are registered with me.

Finally, at this morning’s ECIBA GP&F Meeting, it was decided that under Match Regulations, the final sentence of regulation 6 (Players in Exceptional Circumstances) will be deleted in its entirety. To be clear, for Rule 6 on page 52, “Players in these circumstances shall not qualify for a Credit towards a cloth blazer badge” is removed from the regulations effective immediately."

The revised rules for 2017/18 mentioned above can be found  - HERE (pdf) or HERE (Word doc)