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OVER 60s


Team Competition Results

Top Club
Semi Final - Falcon beat Torquay United 8-8 (84-79)
Final - Falcon lost to Nottingham 1-15
Falcon Squad
Singles - Derek Cook and Chris Watts
Pairs - Shirley Beavis, James Rippey
Triples - Di Thorpe, Craig Burgess, Sam Moss
Fours - Adele Long, Sue Jones, Martin King, David Gildersleve

Leonard Denny Memorial
Barking lost in the semi final of the 2 rink Denny Memorial against Huntingdon

EBUA Marking Awareness Course
A markers awareness course is being held at Clacton & District IBC on Thursday 17th May.
Full details of the course and how to book a place can be found - HERE

World Indoor Bowls Council Championships - Hartlepool
Mens Singles - Andy Squire
Group Stages

Won 2-0 v Dale McCarthy (Wales)
Won 2-0 v Eric Leung (B Columbia Canada)
Lost 1-2 v Ian Merrien (Guernsey)
Quarter Final Won 2-1 v Billy Mellors (Scotland)
Semi Final Won 1.5-0.5 v Stan Thompson (England)
Final Lost 0-2 v Stuart Anderson (Scotland)

Mixed Pairs - Andy Squire & Devon Cooper (Riverain)
Group Stages

Won 2-0 v Guurtje Copier & Frans Roberts (Netherlands)
Lost 0-2 v Ian & Alison Merrien (Guernsey)
Lost 0-2 v Kerry Packwood & Damian Doubler (Wales)
Did not qualify for Semi FInals

National Finals

Top Club
Semi Final -
Falcon v Torquay United

Vivienne Trophy
Final - Colchester 82 v Arun 39
Many congratulations to the Colchester team:
Doreen Josh, Edna Woods, Loraine Daden
Jill Hay, Lesley Weedon, Shirley Mills
Linda Macmillan, Pat Burmby, Shirley Miller
Marian Bailey, Barbara Cooper, Pauline Osborne

Mens O60s Singles
1st Round -
Peter Hagger (Clacton) 21 v 20 Greg Sampson (Coventry)
1st Round -
Ray Fortune (Barking) 21 v 9 Alan Dunkley (Brackley)
2nd Round -
Peter Hagger 21 v 10 Malcolm Lewars (York)
2nd Round -
Ray Fortune 18 v 21 Terry Launchbery (Bromley)
Semi Final -
Peter Hagger 10 v 21 Gary Brock (Cyphers)

Ladies O60s Pairs
1st Round -
Liz Tunn, Brenda Brown, Gillian Cousins (Sub) (Colchester) 9 v
                     Jean Arnaud, Joan Halliwell (Bournemouth) 25

Mens O60 Pairs
1st Round -
John Andrews, John Stewart (Essex County) 19 v 14 Alan Fellows, John Mildren (Nottingham)
2nd Round - Won 19-10
v Mike Scarborough, Roger Barnbrook (Diss)
Semi Final - Won 21-17
v Alan Vowles, Malcolm Lewars (York)
Final - Won 16-6 v
Charlie Bailey, Barry Starks (Victory)
Many congratulations to John Stewart and John Andrews
EIBA National Over 60s Champions

Mens O50s Triples
1st Round -
Eric Ovel (Sub), Geoff Gasson, Derek Cook (Falcon) 22 v
Keith Burton, Trevor Lee, Phil Dickens (Nottingham) 11
2nd Round -
Lost 14-16 v Mick Allen, Paul Hoskins, Tony Webb (Riverain)

Mens O60 Fours
1st Round -
Eric Ovel, John Weatheley, Greg Moss, Ian Barker (Falcon) 17 v
                    Terry Lichkin, John King (Sub), Bill Nelson, Terry Hughes (Barking) 16
2nd Round - Lost 13 22 v Tony Greathead, Mick Hagon, Jimmy Ainger, Albert Ward (Hartlepool)

Mens Fours
1st Round -
Steve Mahoney, Adam Clifford, John Stewart, Neil Jackson 16 v
Darren Mudge, Dave Parr, Gary Frost, Tim Phillips (Newquay) 17

Vivienne Final
Colchester v Arun - 1.30pm, 29th March, Melton & District IBC

Mixed Pairs
1st Rnd - Sue Duck, Barry O,Connor (Tye Green) 17 v Sarah Gove, Lee Calver (Ipswich) 18

Mixed Fours
1st Rnd - Cheyenne Blackmore, Frances Knight, Mark Nullmeyers, Jamie Holmes (Barking) 16
            v Eira Drake, Emily Jones, Allan Griffiths, Mark Atkins (Malvern Hills) 14
2nd Rnd - v Abbi Johnson Young, Tina Broderick, Matt Pownell, Paul Broderick (Wellingborough) 21-10
Semi Final - v Ruby Hill, Chelsea Tomlin, Martin Spencer, Matthew Orrey (Spalding) 11-18

London & Southern Counties Shield Results
Final - Barking 89 v
Wey Valley 74
Semi Final -
Barking 78 v Whiteknights 53
Qtr Final -
Falcon 86 v Barking 90
2nd Round
Colchester 61 v Falcon 70
Barking 93 v Tye Green 63
1st Round

Essex County 79 v Colchester 80
Tilbury 57 v Falcon 92
Barking 89 v The Lawns 50
Bounds Green 76 v Tye Green 89
Jacks Centre 45 v Essex County 110
Havering 68 v Barking 75

EBYDS - English Bowls Youth Development Scheme
The two winning players from the senior level yesterday were Alix Rouse from Turpins and Shane Rowney from Essex County who both go on to the regional finals at Chesterton on the 15th April. There were not enough entries for any juniors.
Thanks to Essex County, Matthew Osborne and his team for running it. Also Mark Cohen Deputy President EIBA for attending.

Communication from EIBA regarding playing conditions for 2017/18 competitions:
There have been further changes this year to the number of ends played in National Championships for teams (sides) and individual competitions (singles, pairs, triples, fours). Just to clarify, the arrangements are now as follows :-
Denny Cup/Plate, Egham Trophy, Yetton Trophy Plate
21 ends or maximum 4 hrs; whichever is the shorter, not including trial ends or extra ends.
Mason Trophy, Over 60 Double Rink, Vivienne Trophy, and Under 25 Double Rink Triples
18 ends or maximum 3 hrs 30 mins; whichever is the shorter, not including trial ends or extra ends.  
Top Club
Singles 18 ends
Pairs, Triples and Fours 18 ends or maximum 3 hrs 30 mins; whichever is the shorter, not including trial ends.    
Liberty Trophy, Atherley Trophy, Under 25 County Double Rink, Over 60 Inter County
21 ends or maximum 4 hrs; whichever is the shorter, not including trial ends or extra ends.

Individual competitions (singles, pairs, triples, fours)

SINGLES - 4 bowls each player, 21 shots
TWO BOWL SINGLES - 2 bowls each player, 21 shots
PAIRS - 4 bowls each player, 18 ends or 3hr 30 min
TRIPLES - 3 bowls each player, 18 ends or 3hr 30 min

FOURS - 2 bowls each player, 18 ends or 3hr 30 min

This information can also be found on pages 228 and 231 235 of the current EIBA Year book (2017/2018) and on the EIBA website on the following link

Championship Rules for 2017/18 Season - HERE

National Inter County Championship Draws 2017/18

Atherley Trophy - Home v Surrey on 28th October 2017
Liberty Trophy - Away v Norfolk on 28th October 2017
Under 25s - Home/Away v Kent on 17th December 2017
Over 60s - Home/Away v Surrey on 24th October 2017